Screw Piles

Used on foundations in NZ, Australia and South Pacific

Earthquake Recovery Project

Ground screws been installed to move a house for repairs

Ground Anchoring

"Ground Screw Systems"

Ground Screws

No digging or Concrete filling required

Screw Piles have endless applications

Fencing, Building Decks, Portacom installations and many more

Solar Farms

The best anchoring technology for installing Solar Panels

Ground Screw Systems

Ground Screw Systems supplies ground screws and screw piles for use on foundations throughout New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific.

Our ground anchoring technology has undergone stringent testing and can be used in diverse applications where earth anchoring systems are required.

We are the specialists in screw piles in Auckland and Christchurch, as well as New Zealand-wide and beyond.

Ground Screws:  

  • Require no digging
  • Require no concrete filling
  • Are labour efficient – saving money
  • Have proven ability under high-pressures, pulling-out forces and lateral pressure loads
  • Are good for the environment – with no concrete chemicals, minimum disturbance to the surface and no damage to the surrounding area
  • Are durable – lasting up to 100 years
  • Require no loading time
  • Are easy to remove – saving time and money
  • Are excellent for health and safety as avoid lateral risk

Ground screws can be used in almost unlimited applications, including:

  • Underpinning for retaining walls
  • Erosion control, rock retention, slope stabilisation, turf reinforcement
  • Drainage, pipelines
  • Bridges
  • Portable buildings and structures
  • Shade structures, tree support
  • Use in vineyards, orchards, crop farming
  • Wind turbines
  • Scaffolding
  • Power Lines, telephone poles, masts, towers
  • Temporary buildings
  • Timber buildings
  • Playgrounds and parks
  • Fencing

  • Civil uses
  • Events
  • Solar farms
  • Signs, banners, billboards
  • Flag poles and masts
  • Carports
  • Traffic and roading, road signs, motorway signage, traffic control systems

Screw Piling

  • Are perfect for shallow foundations
  • Are modular, and can be connected together without the need for welding
  • Can be used on TC1, TC2 and TC3 land

Ground Screw Systems is the main supplier to House Lifters Ltd

Ground Screw Systems, for safe, sustainable, and cost-effective earth anchoring.


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