Modern Foundation Technology

Ground screws versatility make them the ideal solution for an extensive range of earth anchoring projects, with proven ability in safety and quality, while still being a cost-effective solution.

Timber-frame construction -  Perfect for sustainable, long-term timber constructions. With no sealing, ground screws will not have an impact on the environment. 

Applications include:

  • Timber terraces
  • Carports
  • Roofs
  • Noise barriers
  • Farm buildings
  • Bridges
  • Sports and playground equipment
  • Fences
  • Pergolas and pavilions
  • Decks


Sheds and buildings – Ground screws allow for constructions of large buildings in a short time.


  • Storage sheds
  • Timber and steel sheds
  • Exhibition halls
  • Marquees
  • Glasshouses and greenhouses
  • Construction containers
  • Office containers
  • Prefab garages

Applications for the versatile ground screws are too numerous to list, they are affective anywhere that an efficient, cost-effective, and safe earth anchoring system is required.


Traffic – Ground screws allow for efficient installation of traffic technology.


  • Traffic control systems
  • Traffic lights
  • Sign gantries
  • Motorway signage
  • Warning signs
  • Reflector posts


Parks and gardens – Ecologically sound as well as efficient, ground screws avoid disturbance to the environment through sealing, excavation and concreting.


  • Playground equipment
  • Awnings and shadings
  • Event equipment and stage constructions
  • Street lamps
  • Greenhouses


Advertising – Advertising technology needs to be assembled quickly for maximum effectiveness, and ground screws provide the perfect solution.

Applications include:

  • Advertising pylons
  • Large-sized advertising
  • Perimeter advertising
  • Construction signs


Ground screws are perfect for installing screws for anchoring of construction site fencing.


The Drawing data of Ground Screws

Type Dimension Loading Power Drawing Force
76*1200 76*4MM 25KN 12.5KN
76*1600 76*4MM 35KN 21.5KN
76*2000 76*4MM 45KN 32.5KN
90*1200 88.9*4MM 30KN 16.5KN
90*1600 88.9*4MM 41KN 24.5KN
90*2000 88.9*4MM 55KN 35KN
114*1200 114*4MM 35KN 20.5KN
114*1600 114*4MM 47KN 27KN
114*200 114*4MM 66KN 38KN


A typical Screw Pile

Ground Screw Systems, for safe, sustainable, and cost-effective earth anchoring.